Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Haven Project: Digital Archives

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Ultimately the Haven Project is a very big idea, something too big to do all at once. To this end, I am starting up the Haven Project in steps. The first step is the most relevant to small businesses and is a great stepping off point for the business.

The first question I assume most of you have is: “What are digital archives?” The answer is not what you might think. All forms of businesses have to keep records for at least seven years and many of them are worried about storage, what happens if there’s a fire, theft, you name it. Anything can happen to mess up paper records and it can happen in the blink of an eye.
Digital Archiving is a process in which we will scan all of a company’s documents for whatever year they’ve hired us to archive. We will enhance those documents and organize them. In addition we will organize sales and tax records, create employee and customer databases and bring them to our customers in an easy-to-use multi-media disc format.
Imagine being able to vacuum seal all of your business records and put them into storage and not worry about them anymore because every bit of the information they carry is safely stored and catalogued on a DVD, USB or portable HDD for you as well as being backed up with the company you had make the media for you.

You can buy insurance for a lot of things, but you can’t buy insurance for information because once it’s gone, it’s gone.
Digital archives will bring small business owners piece of mind and safety in an aspect of their business they never would have thought they could get.

My systems are ready to go, my multi-media software is organized, written and set to burn. My only problem is that I need some starting capitol to be able to professionally package and store the archives for my customers. I am looking to start this venture in May and if I see good response here at Rockethub I will be making reservations for archiving.

I need your help to get the archives off the ground.

Anyone that donates one dollar or more will have their names added to a special flyer presented to all of our customers that tells them how we were able to get started and the people that helped us. This also means that your name will find its way to the plaque that will hang in the Haven storefront once I can eventually bring it all together.
Rewards beyond the one dollar range are time-based affiliate enrollment in the archive program.